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I have Cracked the Golf Code

“I FOUND THE SWING”, I guarantee that you will knock at least seven shots of your score, immediatly, if you adpot the Mel Move swing system correctly and make it part of your daily training regime.
By using the Mel Move Device & making just 2 simple adjustments to your swing, your golf game will improve FOREVER!

The Mel Move system

I have spent over 40 years playing and teaching professional level golf to all kinds of golfers, from the young beginner to the more mature PGA golfer. Through the years I have strived to improve the game for all my students.

Most golfers suffer from a lack of consistancy, there are good days and bad days. But why should there be? “The Swing” is the key to accuracy and consistancy, for every golfer finding their swing is the most important aspect of their game.

Improve your Swing

EVERY golfer wants to improve the consistancy and accuracy in their swing, let me show you how.

Equipment Advice

How to choose the right equipment for YOU that will give you a better game. Why have 14 clubs when only 5 will do.


one 2 one mentoring

Face to face, online or through my step by step lessons, my teaching is now available to you to help improve your game.

use the rules

How to make the rules of golf work in your favour to give you a better game of golf everytime.


be prepared

As the scouts say “Be Prepared”, in golf this should be your very first goal. prepare you and your equipment for the game.


course reviews

I have played some amazing and not so amazing courses around the world, my opinons will always be true to me.

MEL’s Blog

The Branding Con

The Branding Con

You ARE a victim of a branding con... ...and it all started with the Tiger... ...and no, I do not blame him at all.   He was a young man being primed to be the best at a game he loves so much. Here is what happened, one day Golf suddenly became a very glamorous...

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The County Sligo Golf Club at Rosses Point

The County Sligo Golf Club at Rosses Point

The County Sligo Golf Club at Rosses Point 1894 designed by Mr Harry Colt. Harry Colt & Alister MacKenzie were the two giants of design in the golden age of Golf Course Design. It is almost impossible to say which of the two was the greatest, suffice it to say...

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Dunmurry Springs Golf Club

Dunmurry Springs Golf Club

Decency is the word word that comes to mind when I think of Dunmurry springs. The Holihan family are just that, decent, old stock. They are clever, courteous, efficient, determined. I have to say it was a pleasure to work with them when I designed this course for the...

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