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The Swing by Mel Flanagan


This book is a celebration of the great game that is golf. A game, that has brought so much happiness and challenge to people’s lives. The writers salute this game that builds character and friendships, teaches the virtues of patience, respect and focus in a world that at times is sadly lacking in all of these qualities. In this book, the psyche of the game is philosophically massaged and analysed. Insights applicable to life pour out and we must embrace and reflect on them.

Golf is a global sport enjoyed by people of all nationalities, ages and abilities. Its modern origins date back to 15th century Scotland. It then spread to England and subsequently to her Colonies. In the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, golf was included for the first time since 1904. Justin Rose became the first golfer to win Olympic gold in 112 years. Seismic changes affecting every aspect of life take place every 100 years and golf is not immune to societal events. We are time poor and this is reflected in declining numbers playing the game. This thought provoking book challenges us to reflect on our busy lives and escape the rat race into the great outdoors of golf heaven. Hopefully with refreshed awareness more people will return to the game and be enriched by its old world ethos and values. The lure and challenge of the little ball has stood the test of time. Yes, it is the little things that trip us up.

Golf was never more needed for mental well-being than it is today. Its meditative quality challenges the frenetic pace of modern life. 

P. G. Wodehouse said “To find out a man’s true character play golf with him.”        

This book has given us much joy in its creation. We want you to enjoy it, and hopefully it will lead you into a new consciousness of the great game.

Mel Flanagan .ie

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