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The Branding Con

by | April 11, 2018

You ARE a victim of a branding con…

…and it all started with the Tiger…

…and no, I do not blame him at all.


He was a young man being primed to be the best at a game he loves so much.

Here is what happened, one day Golf suddenly became a very glamorous sport with TAM ratings shooting through the roof. The big branding gurus saw an opportunity to make money and plenty of it.

Who is the victim of all of this?…  Yes, silly old us. “A fool and his money are easily parted”.

They sold the pup that “It is not you; it is your equipment that is at fault for all your golf ills”. You are in fact some kind of genius but let down by your terrible clubs and you do not have enough of them.

Therefore, they stuffed your bags with so many clubs that you had to purchase an expensive lithium battery vehicle to move them around in. You now had a suitcase of very expensive accoutrements. You did not merely come to the club, no, you arrived.

56, 58, 60 & 64 degrees wedges, multiple wedges. Many rescue clubs. Oh you needed rescuing all right, but it is rescue from the branding con that you need to spend, spend, spend your hard earned lucre on “The Con”.

Here is the truth. Back off and study the game, step by step. Pare back you set of clubs to a basic set of tools that will allow you to get the job done.

Get out on the course and concentrate on playing, enjoying your game and not on the vast array of clubs you have in your bag and wonder which club should be used and where.

What clubs do you actually need?

  1. You need a forgiving driver – to get you down the fairway.
  2. A fairway 2nd shot club that will send your ball greenside.
  3. You most definitely need the joker club – the multifunctional wizard 7 iron.
  4. A 58-degree wedge.
  5. Any putter will do a putter you are comfortable playing with.

    Now go and play golf…


Here is my bet with you. Your score will plummet, and that silly smirk will return to your face with you secretly thinking “How on earth could ‘intelligent me’ have been that stupid?”

Do I hear you say it off in the distance as you carefully fold your winning score card.

Thank you, old wise Mel.


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