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The Swing

towards a new consciousness of golf

Written by Mel Flanagan, PGA

This book is a celebration of the great game that is Golf. A game, that has brought so much happiness and challenge to people’s lives.
The writer salutes this game that builds character and friendships, teaches the virtues of patience, respect and focus in a world that at times is sadly lacking in all of these qualitits. Insights applicable to life pour out and we must embrace and reflect on them.
Golf was never more needed for mental well-being than it is today. Its meditative quality challenges the frenetic pace of modern life.

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I have spent over 40 years playing and teaching professional level golf to all kinds of golfers, from the young beginner to the more mature PGA golfer. Through the years I have strived to improve the game for all my students.

Most golfers suffer from a lack of consistancy, there are good days and bad days. But why should there be? “The Swing” is the key to accuracy and consistancy, for every golfer finding their swing is the most important aspect of their game.

Mel Flanagan .ie

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