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The Wide Sole Wedge

by | April 17, 2018

To be honest it is big brands “blaming the arrow and ignoring the Indian”. All you have to do is dig deep and buy their miracle arrow.

This extreme wide flange arrow sand wedge in theory prevents the digging effects of the normal sand wedges, where, instead the wide flange bounces off the sand and the ball pops out,  runs up, sits like an old dog at a fire in mid winter and gloats there.  All fine and dandy on the promo video. However, for me jury is well out on this one.

Technique is not on the guest list, heck it does not even warrant a mention. It is the miracle flange club. Fragile elderly men nearing the ‘pearly’ gates, previously hoping there were no bunkers in heaven, heap praise after praise on it. John had an emotional attachment to the sand, as he never liked leaving it. It is all changed, utterly and forever. Now he has only a ‘passing’ interest in it. Sand and he are pals now. Why he is thinking of buying a small camel. As for golf he is suddenly become an expert. He will soon be giving masterclasses with the win wand.

It is joy all-round and as the lotto tells us this could be you!

In truth, this is an expensive addition to your already heartily expensive acuitriments. They have preyed on your weaknesses, your inability to successfully move the feather a mere 20/ 30 yards in the air.  You now have a remedial club that will do it for you, and you know what this all adds up to the person at the other end, holding it is also remedial. Leave it all to the wonder club! They say in poker if you cannot figure out who the ‘sucker’ sitting at your table, it is more than likely silly olde you. You are been taken to the cleaners. No more no less.

The Reality

What is your real problem here? It is frankly your inability to exit the bunker. You fluff the shot. The clubhead sticks in the sand.  Why oh why is this happening. One reason and the only one is that your clubface at impact is shut closed, loftless.


Look my friend; you cannot buy sweets if you have no money. You cannot raise the ball if you have no loft on the face at impact. The clubface is closed at impact, de-lofted, shut and facing downward. The face acts like the bucket on a bulldozer gathering sand in front of it, before it sticks in the sand.  It is technique my dear boy or girl, the technique of your SWING, that is the one and only problem and no super-duper special gold plated wonder club can fix you swing technique, only you can. And you CAN.

The hot knife

The hot knife cuts through butter very easily. Rather than exporting your problem to your well-battered wallet, again, why don’t you solve your closed face problem by simply weakening your grip.

Here is how…

  1. Move your right hand over
  2. Set your wedge face mad open at address
  3. Imagine there is a pint of Guinness sitting your clubface at impact
  4. Crudely putting it cut the ass off the ball, slice, yes slice it
  5. Think height, height, height

Increase the loft my friend. Embed this salient fact inside that dull head of yours. A lofted face equals sweet sand shots, time and time again.

Yes, my long-suffering ‘fluffier’ open the clubface and slide it underneath the little ball. Imagine the clubface as a hot knife cutting through butter. Flatten the face at address and increase the loft. Gordon Gekko of Wall Street said “Greed is good”, well I say “loft is good”.

The Swing

Loft = height and the open face cuts through the sand like a hot knife cuts through butter. Now you can play sand shots.

It is all down to technique, not your bank account or should I point out their bank account. The ball rises only and ever only with an open face. It is your swing again my friend.

I hope you have “Got it”, it is the technique of your swing

Mel Flanagan


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